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Southeastern Conference of Seventh Day Adventist Presents NET 19 and Beyond

A Mission-Driven Conference: Sharing Hope, Restoring Wholeness

Net 19 will be streamed online to expand our mission beyond the boundaries of the Southeastern Conference into the world.
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Fulfilling Our Commission

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Net 19 at a Glance


Upcoming Events

Youth Ministries
Thu, Jun 20
Youth Ministries
Breath of Life Ministries
Sat, Jul 20
Breath of Life Ministries
Haitian Ministries
Sat, Aug 24
Haitian Ministries
Revelation Seminar
Sun, Sep 29
Revelation Seminar
Hispanic Ministries
Sat, Oct 12
Hispanic Ministries
Women’s Minstries
Sat, Oct 19
Women’s Minstries
main goal

There is no greater witness to the gospel than Jesus Himself, which is why the ultimate goal of our evangelism is to bring people to meet with Him. It is always marvelous when someone comes to realize the truth about our Lord.

Net 19 Speakers & Presenters

Pastor Prince Lewis

SEC SDA Youth Ministries

Pastor Carlton Byrd

Breath of Life Ministries

Pastor Nicolas Louis

SEC SDA Haitian Ministries

Pastor Robert Moore

SEC SDA Personal Ministries

Pastor Roger Alvarez

SEC SDA Hispanic Ministries

Beverly Kinsey

SEC SDA Women's Ministries

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